About Us

iNeuBytes is a 360° product and service solutions-based company. One of the first divisions of Ed-Tech services launched to provide a value-added internship program.

Our 6-Months full stack Data Science Course provides 100% job placement, and our 1 Month courses offers an Internship to provide industrial learning exposure to all, regardless of any educational background. Our main goals are to "EDUCATE", "ENGAGE", and "EMPOWER". So let's build and grow together!

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Who We Are

Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results.

Our mission is to make experience and education skills accessible and inexpensive to all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic and academic qualifications.

We provide Industrial tech project on every domain
We focus on career growth by Networking Opportunities.
We do provide a great Mentorship in the Internship period.
We will provide best support, resources, & opportunities.

Our Mission

#1 Educate the Industrial Learning's

A strong foundation with the integration of the latest emerging technologies is required for a successful future career. Our iNeuBytes,  first step is to "EDUCATE" the importance of enhancing and providing a straight-routed internship.


Our Vision

#2 Build an Engaging Community

Engage, Engage, and Engage! Building the space with a community like-minded people was very necessary. Inward and Outward sessions are also focussed as vision along with internships to support learners for implementing and reach a higher opputunity space.

Our Objective

#3 Empower the Career Skillsets

We focused on providing the right mentors and the resources for our learning enthusiasts. Internship along with profile building activities will help to empower the skills. So we are here to provide out-of-box online-meetups and mock-up bits untill you reach your Goal.