How To Achieve The Best Career After Graduation With Internship?


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Internships play a significant role in learning and also help to get full time job opportunity. Students benefit from their internship experiences, and internship providers benefit from connection for assistance and new ways of working. Universities give support for internships that enhance the learning experience and improve their external involvement, which can benefit area businesses. Following the pandemic, there is huge transition to a hybrid work model. Before the pandemic, internships involving remote or virtual at work were uncommon, but these days; the virtual internships are becoming more prominent.

Virtual internships are also performed from anywhere around the globe provide an alternative method of learning. The convenience of being willing to perform a few hours each week without paying travel expenses is desirable. This form of work might be particularly advantageous for students with time, travel, or other commitment constraints. Online working can continue to provide students with valuable professional experience that is beneficial to their development. As of 2022, 26% of U.S. employees work remotely, which would be four times the percentage of remote workers in 2012. By 2025, as many as 36,2 million Americans might be working remotely [1]. As per statista 2022 [2], 41% were also preferred work from home, it stands to reason that some internships will be virtual as well. Now, let us focus how to Excel in internship for having great career after graduation and what are the benefits of virtual internships for college students will be discussed below.

statistics about the employers preferring work from home

Image courtesy from [2]  shows the statistics about the employers preferring work from home


How to Excel in Internships for having successful career after Internship?

Telecommuting & remote work have become common within last two years; a virtual internship might familiarise you with different working styles. In addition, you will be able to use the technologies and techniques employed by these digital businesses.Despite these benefits, you will still need to work hard throughout the virtual internship to make a positive impression. Utilize the following advice to maximise this chance.


Have clear goal for the internship: If you do not establish learning objectives for your virtual internship at the best firm in the world, it will be useless. Specify your goals for the internship as well as perform the professional skills you wish to acquire. This might help you to build strong foundation as an intern.


Actively exceed your given responsibilities: An internship, whether virtual or offline, provides a chance to gain as much industry knowledge as possible. Therefore, you should maximise your co-op experience by going beyond your given tasks. Take initiative to interact with diverse individuals and gain knowledge about various corporate processes outside of your work.


Don't be hesitant about seeking mentorship from your seniors: You're not expected to know everything as a university/college student or recent graduate. Therefore, whenever you require direction, you must seek out to others for assistance. Your inquisitiveness and perseverance in contacting others would indicate that you are really engaged in the work and dedicated to accomplishing your best. To obtain a virtual internship with a market-leading organisation, you would need to excel academically and possess extensive industry knowledge. 


What are the Major Benefits of virtual internships?

There are many benefits of virtual internships, and these are major five to consider. If you’re still looking for the right internship to gain real-world job experience, iNeuBytes offers various core technological programs in their Virtual iNeuBytes Internship Program; click here to know more:  Virtual Internship  

Benefits of Virtual Internship 

Figure shows the Benefits of Virtual Internship


  1. You can acquire new skills without leaving your home

The virtual internship is now a unique approach to gain experience without leaving home. By participating in virtual internships, one can gain new skills and enhance your knowledge without interrupting your life. You may study at your own speed, and there is no travel or lodging expenses to worry about.

You could also choose to work as an intern with such a firm operating in a foreign country, which might help you gain a greater perspective. Virtual internships are an excellent method to obtain skillsets without disrupting your daily routine.


  1. Get Flexibility to work

There are various advantages to a virtual internship, but scheduling flexibility is undoubtedly the greatest! As either a student or new graduate, adaptability is an absolute necessity. Whether you are completing an internship during the term/semester or during the summer, a flexible timetable helps you to manage your studies, employment, and social life simultaneously.

There is no need to spend time travelling, relocating, or commuting. With a virtual internship, you can just connect on and begin — from any location!


  1. Gain Hands-On Professional Skillsets

Among the several advantages of virtual Internships, the main opportunity to gain real-world work experience. While your education may have provided you with academic and technical knowledge, a virtual internship enables you to gain hands on experience.

Among these abilities are:

• Time management

• Networking and relationship building

• Building trust with colleagues and superintendents

• Collaboration and teamwork (according to the Project/Internship Tasks)

• Courage

•Clear communication

• Versatility

As you apply the learning to actual work scenarios, you may acquire the essential abilities you need to demonstrate to potential employers that you are a good recruit. 


  1. Focus More on Networking

Networking is a crucial aspect of Virtual Internships for a variety of reasons. Therefore, there are a few highlighted motivations for networking from iNeuBytes Organisation for Interns:

Recent marketing data indicate that over 85 % recruits are the result of networking [3]. When it comes to obtaining a new position, the professional network you develop during an internship is open to all prospects. Therefore, according to the Internship Association, you must follow and engage with both the students / alumni interns of an organization on professional platforms such as LinkedIn in order to obtain possibilities.

In contrast, observing and engaging with network can provide number of ideas as well as the opportunity to discuss them with others. As a nutshell, it is easier to discover a creative way to overcome obstacles along the job path. Following similar networks makes it much easier to traverse the professional world when you already have industry contacts. When transitioning into new positions or organizations, it is always pleasant to encounter familiar faces. As a student advances in their chosen career levels, it is beneficial to have prominent individuals providing encouragement. You may rely on those you already know, particularly for counsel and guidance.


  1. Add New Skills to the Portfolio to acquire more Job Opportunities after Graduation

With the current situation of the market, it can be tough for recent graduates to obtain employment. However, there are steps you may take to boost your employment prospects. Virtual internships are a viable option. These internships you the opportunity to obtain experience in your selected field without leaving your house.

In fact, virtual internships frequently provide access to a community of experts who can assist graduates gain entry-level employment. Virtual internships are an excellent alternative to explore if you want to differentiate yourself from others and boost your chances of finding a best career options before or after graduation. 



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